What is Eastads

Eastads is the blockchain solution to e-commerce in Africa.

We are solving scalability and trust issues in cryptocurrencies using e-commerce.

Our marketplace model is a friendly ecosystem where commercial activities are done on a P2P & A2P.

We have adapted modern systems to ensure coverage of all forms of buying & selling in a way to profit both the buyer & Seller and make commercial activity cheaper and simpler for both parties.

Integrated payments & price options using ECR and loyalty rewards will pave the way for more profitable ecosystem of commercial activities in Nigeria and a major breakthrough of crypto currency in Nigeria and Africa.

What is Crypto?
How it works

Problems & Solutions

Until we can purchase goods and services with crypto currency, be it as a form of A2P or P2P trade,
crypto currency true value lies far away from reality


Cryptocurrencies in Africa and at large have unsolved scalability and trust issues which has dented the potentiality of the technology in Africa.

The scalability issue and distrust of cryptocurrencies in African states was largely spurred by Russian Bitcoin Ponzi schemes that marred the potentiality of the tech to investors and potential users across Africa. And also due to the fact that there is no real use of the technology in day to day activity.

A good observation shows that Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya don not fall below top 30 crypto investing countries in the world. But there are only but few merchants who accept cryptocurrencies as mode of payments in the entire continent all thanks to trust issues and cloud of questions that surround blockchain technology.

People don't trust what they don't use, they can't use what they don't understand. And the future looks bleak if we cannot use cryptocurrencies for real time buying and selling in Africa which has lots of investors in the tech.

There came the need to re-strategize on a system that should solve trust issues in cryptocurrency use in Africa while at same time create more awareness of blockchain technology. Such system would open new doors to the usage, acceptance and investment in blockchain and flood the cryptocurrency industry with new money from Africa.



Our solution to scalability and trust issues in cryptocurrency use in Africa is the introduction of e-commerce backed with blockchain payments and Price options. A project of its kind in Africa, creating trust and awareness while at same transforming traditional buying and selling with reliable eCommerce scheme backed with blockchain payments and price options.

Why we are using e-commerce.

E-commerce in Africa is a trillion dollar industry boasting of over 100 million online buying and selling every month. If cryptocurrencies should make impact and disrupt a traditional system, it must be used in a system that boasts of huge figures in capitalization and user base. Such industry must have reserved space for blockchain payments and price options.

Using our own model of e-commerce backed with blockchain and tested marketing schemes, we aim to disrupt the traditional buying and selling in Africa.

By introducing other projects like Blockchain logistics network and a Fiat crypto-exchange that enhances the utility of blockchain in a market setting, cryptocurrencies will finally have real use and ground breaking entrance into the market in Africa.



Our white paper is an authoritative report or guide that informs readers concisely about the complex issue and also presents the philosophy of our project.
It is meant to help readers understand the project and help in decision making.

Pre-Sale & Values

Tokens Sale

The token sale (also known as an ICO) is used to raise funds
for the full implementation of project.


Purchase Token

Token Sale announcement!
ICO tokens will trade 2 months before bounty/airdrops gets released.

  • Private Sale starts 7th Sept
  • Private Sale ends 14th Sept
  • Min Purchase 30,000ECR
  • Accepted currencies ETH, BTC, USDT
  • Location on Exchange
  • Price 0.007USD
  • Public Sale starts 16th Sept
  • Public Sale ends 16th Oct
  • Min Purchase 1000 ECR
  • Accepted currencies ETH, BTC, USDT
  • Location on Exchange
  • Price 0.01USD
Crypto ICO App

Mobile App

An app is a software program usually made for mobile devices and is used to access certain functions/services from the app source.
the crypto currency. A wallet can contain multiple public and private key pairs.

Mobile App

The Eastads APP will feature the following:

  • Live crypto rates
  • Live escrow service
  • EASTADS marketplace
  • Fully Integrated delivery system


November 2017
Platform Idea
Platform Creation
January 2018
Technical & strategy
May 2018
Marketplace Release
Live Now
May 2018
Crypto Escrowed
June 2018
Token Design
Token Creation
September 2018
Eastads Credits
Token Sale
September 2018
Get listed
on Exchange
October 2018
Full scale Nigerian
project launch
December 2018
Logistics Network
1st Quarter 2019
iOS & Android
1st Quarter 2019
Build our
NGN Exchange
2nd Quarter 2019
Eastads Africa
About coin


Decentralized crypto currency is produced by the entire crypto currency system collectively
at a rate which is defined when the system is created and which is publicly known.

Coin Image

Token Utility:

• For direct p2p trade on Eastads.

• As utility for our NGN fiat exchange.

• For direct payment for products and services.

• For payment of our international logistics services.

• For activation of merchants A2P account.

5. • To activate monthly rewards: By the last week of every month, ECR will be bought back from the market by the company and disbursed to wallets activated for rewards. To achieve this, at the last week of every month, we will issue out a rewards form where users fill out their details and address. All accounts to be eligible for rewards drop must contain at least $100 worth of ECR. The buyback will be pooled to holders who are eligible.

Token Stats

Token Distribution

This section shows the distribution of tokens.


USA, CHINESE and citizens of countries where ICO or airdrop is against the law should not participate in our Initial Coin Offering or airdrop distribution.

Total supply: 700,000,000 ECR

Airdrop/Bounty 10,500,000 ECR

Sale supply: 332,500,000 ECR

Project: 70,000,000 ECR

Strategic Reserve(Future partnership & Growth): 126,000,000 ECR

Contract: 0x99b09a9b9e9c26b3e65d84fcc9a1cd8acb289e25



The team consists of skilled personnel behind the project.
Those who work tirelessly to ensure that the vision and roadmap is met.

Ogba Victor C.
Emmanuel Chibugo
Co Founder
Chidi Samuel
Escrow Admin
Temitope Oladejo
Head of Operations & Social Strategist
Ukeme Uduak
Social Marketer
Lizzy Dessy
Community Manager
Henry Ahedor
Community Manager
Ajay Taneja
ICO Marketing | Bounty Manager
Oluwafemi Adenigba
Email/Digital Marketer


The Adisory team are individuals whose years of experience have qualified them to guide the team.

Kenn Allen
Cheif advisor at TEMBOCOIN
Devashish Biswas
Full Stack ICO, Blockchain StartUp Marketer & NCriptBit Co-funder
Bharat Gandass
Entrepreneur + ICO Advisor & Branding + Fintech + Blockchain + Digital Marketing


Originally the term "FAQ" referred to the Frequently Asked Question itself, and the
compilation of questions and answers was known as a "FAQ list" or some similar expression.

Eastads is a Nigerian online full hybrid marketplace. It has both the traditional p2p system and the regulated A2P system used in online stores. While normal users can post free sales and adverts, Merchants who want to take orders online can activate upgrade their accounts to a full online store with ability to take orders online.
Eastads Credits(ECR) is the utility market token for The Eastads Marketplace and Services. ECR will be used as price and payment option for sales and buy lists on Eastads Marketplace. Users will reserve the full right to choose the currency to buy or sell with.
Oh yes!!. We are registered under the company registration acts of Nigeria.
Our Hybrid Marketplace: Nigerians who buy and sell physical goods, produce or manufacture items/products, engage in any form of commercial activities are our no 1 target.

Since we will integrated the ability to sell digital items, we will therefore accept international community who sell digital products who are interested in the largest market in Africa to post adverts and sales on ESATADS NIGERIA.

Our token:Our token is decentralized so therefore everyone is invited to trade it on exchanges,or use it to pay for items or services our marketplace.

Other coins/tokens: We are open to list or add any token/coin that is interested to be used as payment/price options on our marketplace.(Terms apply)
For a seller to be elligible for our monthly rewards program users must;
  • 1. Be registered as a seller on Eastads.
  • 2. Have at least three(3) actve items on eastdas for at least 1month.
  • 3. Must have applied for the reward program.
  • 4. Must have at least one premium item.
  • 4. Must be a verified user.
Our Buyer rewards program will launch fully with our delivery/logistics service.
The reward currency will be ECR. We have allocated tokens for this program which can be seen from the token distribution section.
We will buy back ECR every last week of the month and distribute to holders private wallets. Exchange wallets are not allowed. We will release our form for the monthly for this. Ratio of bonus is 1:0.05
  • Name: Eeastads Credits
  • Symbol: ECR
  • Initial Value: 1 ETH = 200,000 ECR
  • Type: ERC20
  • Supply: 700,000,000
  • Contract: 0x99b09a9b9e9c26b3e65d84fcc9a1cd8acb289e25
  • Scroll up to the OUR COIN section for this answer
We do have a big project at hand. With our Eastads Africa still to come. There is no planned token burn as of now. If need be for a burn the we will not hessitate to inform our community.
Our token will trade at initial price of $0.1. The ICOs will be done directly on the exchange so ICO tokens get traded as soon as possible ICO is over. Airdrop tokens will be distributed two(2) months after the first listing.
Trying to curtail the disaster in price of most public ICO having studied them, we decided to give oppotunity to Private investors. Our private sale allocation exceeds the publich allocation. This ICO will be done on an Exchange and private investors token gets traded as soon as the Private ICO closes.
If the supply for Private sale gets exhuasted, we will give private investors opportunity to buy out the entire ICO allocation including the public sale allocation.
For those who have filled the Private sale form, we will send emails to them on the exchange and time of ICO.
Imagine Ebay token. If you have thought about it then imagine growing to become the biggest marketplace in Nigeria and soon to be Africa and you have our token. We will increase the scale of our project, add more stores, shops, products, goods, and begin offline and online promotions and full scale marketing. And we will also start pushing toward realization of other projects on our road map. When our company reaches its desired height, one may compare it to the African Ebay.


Have questions? We’re happy to help.